Our objective is to understand what we breed and what comes with breeding.

Vonhellas History


In 1995, Vonhellas Dobermann formed a strong association with meinemann kennels with addy klencke. Both strong Dobermann kennels in Australia with 100% European imported Dobermanns.
After our good friend and a teacher Andy Klencke passed away, we started breeding 100% European working Dobermanns and with this reached our goal to bring more 100% European working dobermann’s to Australia. Since 1997, we have imported from Holland and Belgium.
In 2000, we imported the world best class dobermann to Australia, with titles: sch 111 ipo111 ghp111.  This is the only kennel with these titles in Australia who have live dogs with no frozen semen, Vonhellas are a sophisticated Dobermann breeder who love and work with live dogs and have experience with these powerful dobermanns.
After we started training we partnered with Scuhtzhund club in Victoria. After years pass we learnt a lot of this Breed begoze and have real dogs. We are experienced with training the most powerful dogs to become family dogs.
Every Dobermann breeder will claim they have the most powerful and largest Dobermann to sell puppies! Our goal is not only to sell Dobermann puppies, but to understand what we breed and what comes with our breeding. From the combination we make and all our years experience, this goal is breeding for excellence.


Vonhellas Dobermann are imported from:
  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Czech Republic
  • Polland
Everyone is welcome to come and see us and understand all of our breeding information.
To give all the answers you want, Vonhellas is involved in great seminars with the best trainers in the World.
  • Donn Yarnall a former head trainer lap dog squad.
  • Alex Bayern a profesional dog trainer in Germany
  • Bernhard Flinks a police k9 officer in Germany and a dog trainer.
  • Lance Collins a professional dog trainer Canadian Scuhtzhund
  • I am a k9 dog security handler in Victoria.


Get in touch with us for more information regarding our Dobermann breeding and training.

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