About us

Hallo my name is Tom Kilafis. I’m the director of Vonhellas Dobermanns and Meinemann
I started in 1995 with dobermanns but profesionally in 1997.
I acquired my knowledge through alot of theory and practice.
I’ve travelled to Europe many times to brush up on my learning.
I’ve imported many dogs. I’ve done a lot of training with many dogs here and in Europe.
I’m always trying to develop and bring out the best in the dobermann and to breed the
best dobermann.
Andrew Klencke (Meinneman kennel) was my mentor and taught me a lot and I am very
thankful to have met him. Together we combined two strong kennels and
partnerships and formed one very strong kennel and friendship.
I will always remember you and you are always in my thoughts.


Director protect 1 security p/l

Director Vonhellas Dobermann

Director Meinemann kennels

Director Protect Guard Dog Training centre

Vice precident Southern United Dogsport club vic

Training with sgt II Donn Yarnall (former head trainer of lapd dog squad -28 years)

Training with Bernhard Flinks ( German police dog trainer and world competitor in

Training with Alex Bayer (German dog trainer )

Personal bodyguard on Precident in Parliament house in Greece

Member of Metro Dogsport club Queensland

Member of Dobermann club Victoria

Member of Nexus bjj Australian

Member of MMA Australia

Member of MUYA Thai Australia

Certified Goverment security industry

Member of DVA

Member in FCI

Andrew Klencke and Tom Kilafis
Andrew Klencke and Tom Kilafis
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