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European Doberman bloodlines.

Vonhellas Dobermanns is the first and only Dobermann kennel in Australia to have a breeding line stretching to the oldest Dobermanns in Europe.

Vonhellas only imports pure European doberman bloodlines.

Working and Sporting Dobermanns

All our dogs are only working line Dobermanns and we are the only kennel with titled dogs in Dog sport history in Australia.

As can be seen in our photos we love to train Dobermanns as guard dogs and enjoy introducing Dobermanns to dog sporting in Australia.

Adopt a Doberman Puppy

We’re based in the Melbourne area and welcome Doberman puppy enquiries if you are looking at making a Doberman part of your Family.

Please ensure you read our Doberman Puppy Promise which will state that Vonhellas Dobermann puppiess are completely sound physically and free from any genetic dispositions.


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