The leading Doberman breeders since 1995. We understand what we breed and what comes with breeding 100% purebred Doberman.



Vonhellas have provided superior Doberman breeding and training for over 30 years. Vonhellas only import 100% full blood European dobermans and in 2000, began importing the world’s best class doberman to Australia with titles sch 111 ipo111 ghp111. Vonhellas is the only kennel with these titles in Australia.


Breeders Excellence

Our goal is to understand what we breed and what comes in breeding.From the combinations and all the years experience our goal is breeding for excellence.

k9 handler

K9 Security Handler

Our goal is to understand what we breed and what comes in breeding.From the combinations and all the years experience our goal is breeding for excellence.


Extensive Training

The Doberman is a highly intelligent animal that is eager to please. We can provide training and insight into moulding the best Doberman possible.


Dobermans require a leader, an alpha personality and someone who can take charge. The Doberman is a very loyal dog and without a strong owner can become intimidated by strangers. 

Males can grow anywhere from 26 to 28 inches tall and weigh between 35 – 45kgs. Females Doberman can grow anywhere from 24 to 26 inches tall and weigh 29 – 35kgs.

Doberman generally live for an average of 10 years.  They do tend to live longer but in general live to age 8 – 10.

Do to being quite energetic dogs Doberman Adults will eat from 2-5 cups of food a day depending on the individual dogs metabolism and activity levels.

Compared to most dog breeds the Doberman is very low maintenance. The Doberman does shed and requires toe nails to be kept short with good oral care.

The Doberman is an extremely intelligent dog and loves to please its owner. The Doberman works hard for positive reinforcement and learns very quickly. With the right guidance a Doberman can be the best dog you’ve ever owned.

The Doberman takes great pride in watching over its territory, in fact the Doberman was bred to protect its companion. This makes for an amazing guard dog.

The Doberman must have companionship. The Doberman lives to please its owner and can not be ignored or it may become lonely, irate and depressed. The owner of a Doberman must find ways to share activities with their Doberman. This will keep the dog happy and well adjusted.

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You can contact Vonhellas Dobermann regarding enquiries on our litters, breeding and Dobermann training.

100% Purebred Worldclass Doberman Litter

Vonhellas are one of very few breeders across the globe who can assure you of world class and quality when it comes to Doberman breeds. Since the early 90’s we have imported Doberman and we strive to maintain our reputation as a 5 star Doberman breeder and trainer. If you are looking for a Doberman look no further than Vonhellas, we breed excellence.


Doberman are among the most common of pet breeds, and the breed is well known as an intelligent, alert, and loyal companion. 


The most important part to training your Doberman is consistency and persistence. As accredited K9 security handlers we can help.

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“We have now purchased 2 European Doberman from Vonhellas Doberman Breeders and are ecstatic with our gorgeous dogs. Our Doberman are well natured, strong and wonderful companions. We appreciate the fantastic service of Vonhellas.” – CHARLOTTE

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